Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hey Jammers! This thursday was a really exciting update! I just was gone for the update, and then I forgot to  post here. But now I'm posting!
After the long, month wait, Raccoons are finally in Jamaa! They are super cute too!
 Brady Barr has expanded/remodeled his lab! It's pretty cool. Now he has a theater just like Dr. Tierney! :)
 The monthly gift for March is Arctic Wolf Pets, or pups. I prefur pets...
 Yay! Happy (early) Lucky Day!! The Lucky Party is already happpening. You can stop into the next one in 5 hours and 29 minutes!! Lol!
 And the winner of Cosmo's hat contest is Mighty Spiritwolf!! Congrats! I love the hat!
 Here is my raccoon! Mythical Daringjammer! At first I made her all blue, but then I changed her to being brown (Idk why, but I really like the dark brown on animals! x3). Here is a video of the Raccoon Moves:
 And here is Brady Barr's remodeled lab!
 Here is the first half...
 And here is the new theater! I love it! The seats are snakes coiled up. How good does that go with the theme?
 And here is the eagle hat! I don't know why, but I love this hat so much. Lol.
And finally...Jamaa Township is now in Spring instead of Winter! Woo hoo! :D
Have a great day jammers!!
P.S.--What do you think about the new theme? :D


  1. yay! spring! my birthday is april 24!!!! i wish i was a member =(.maybe for my birthday =).i want a raccoon so bad =(. they are my favorite animal in real. i freaked out when i heard they were coming to jamaa! lol!!


    1. Yeah. I wish you were too :c. I remember when we could go to the horse party together... Memories :c. Happy super early birthday! xD

  2. can you put the raccoon moves vid on my channel please? =3



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