Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Things to do Around Jamaa

Hey Jammers! Mia here. Today I am going to tell you 10 different things to do when your bored around Jamaa. 

  1. Hang out with Buddies
Hanging out with buddies is always fun! :) You can do lots of things together, from going to the Juice Hut, to playing adventures.

      2. Visit Epic Dens
When I am so bored and have honestly run out of options, I go to the Epic Dens. I find that they are actually pretty cool. I don't visit them very often, but when I do I never leave disappointed. :) I mean, they are called epic dens for a reason, right? ;)
      3. Play an Adventure
Adventures are pretty nice! They are always pretty fun, and I love that the Alphas and Phantoms make appearances. There is a perfect adventure for every Jammer! :)

       4. Re-design your Animal
This is a nice way to unleash your creativity (xD). In my opinion, its always fun to re decorate your animals. Its a creative and fun way to pass time. lol
       5. Re-design your den
Another creative way to pass time. Always great to refresh your den. ;)
      6. Play a Game
Games are a fun (and sometimes annoying...) way to earn gems, and of course then you can go on a shopping spree! xD
       7. Go on a shopping Spree
After you have worked so hard on the game, Its time to spend those gems! :P This relates to designing your animals, as you could use new items for their design! :D
       8. Troll Random Jammers (Its not evil, its actually pretty fun. xD)
Not trying to be evil here, in fact, trolling is sort of fun. xDD Just walk up to a random (clueless) jammer and start saying things like "OMG can i get your autograph?!" or "I LOVE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS OMG!!!!!!!!!!" lol!

       9. Earn Achievements
Just another simple way to pass time. xD

      10. Complete your Journey Book
A way to have fun, work your brain, and get prizes. :D

I hope this helped! Sorry the last few questions were short, my computer is about to shut down due to a auto timer, so my time will be cut short. :( Anyway, have a great day, Jammers! :) 

P.S: A post about the new otters is coming soon! :) thanks for reading this post <3

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