Sunday, September 15, 2013

New update!

Hey Jammers! Mia here! With some exciting news, the first thing is I got a new screenshot thing! My old one broke as I talked about in my last post and I found a new and even better one. :D
Anyway, today was the update! Today I am going to show you briefly todays update!

AJ's 3rd birthday! Happy bday to AJ! ^.^
Yay! The phantom portal adventure is now for everyone! Yippee! :)

AJ Birthday Party! YAY! A tour of that will come soon. New code: ajbday3 gives you a 3th birthday cake, as picture on the right. xD
The new medical center! Nothing like the beta-ish one, but it's pretty okay. Popular so far. Wind armor! Not really new, but AJHQ has a tendency to repeat things from past updates and call them new....
There are now adventure invites, I still wish there could be private adventures, but I guess it will help us not have to retry adventures over and over... believe me, it's quite a hassle. The adventure camp shop is now open! Pictures are at the end of the post, btw. xD
Yay! Print and play alpha pictures, quite nice. The AJ animator has released a video of how to draw an AJ bunny! I watch it over and over again for no exact reason. xDD
Meet Cosmo hard mode! Must be pretty hard, considering normal mode is hard... Elephants are back! I hope Giraffes and Rhinos come back soon...
 Finally, it's fall in Jamaa! Yay! I cant wait for the Jamaalidays. Sorry I am rushed here. ^.^
The adventure base camp shop sells trapped phantoms, much like the monthly gift from october a couple of years back, caged phantoms....
The pretty Ancient Greek collumbs. My panda seems to like their history. xD
Here is the three phantoms that are sold currently.

Thanks for reading! Sorry I am rushed, I have to get off the computer. Good night Jammers! Tour of the AJ birthday party and the new medical center coming soon. OMZ! Almost forgot... I found a new thing for screenshots! I am so excited, and it works better than my old one did. xD. Fall theme coming soon to AJIk as well. Sorry for being rushed. /).(\

New chapter  posted on The life of a gymnast! :)

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