Monday, September 2, 2013

Really, really important update...

Hey jammers! Mia here, today with a super important update (that is not too good of news).

My screenshot-er has broke. :(
I was using it to make an "update" post for you guys to tell you that I'm not dead, but the thing didn't work... I took one, and then it stopped working oddly. I will try to make that post again tomorrow, but no promises! As I do not know if it will work anymore. Anyway, the one update I got a picture of is...

I got a Kangaroo! I actually got one the first week they were in the Diamond Shop by purchasing a lion membership card and using the 10 diamonds to get a kangaroo. ;)

Anyways... I have more but I cant post them because, read the post above. Bye Jammers! I hope to post again soon. ^.^


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