Friday, January 25, 2013

1-17-13 Update!

Hey Jammers! On 1-17-13 was the update, I'm just posting really late ^-^. Onto the update!
  Here is the first page..Ooooh! Hatapalooza sounds exciting!
 There are a couple of hat shops around Jamaa, I will show you the hat shops later.
 The winners...I didn't win, but that's okay :). And pet owls.
 Cool! Birthstones! Mine is a emerald. I'll have a picture of the Birthstone holder and the garnet later int his post.
 Cosmos is having a hat contest! My entry is on my art blog if your interested.
 Here are the hat shops, the first one is in Sarepia Forest...
 And it sells a couple of past rares.

 The second hat shop is in Mt. Shiveer, it sells...
 Some freedom items and police hats--police hats were never rare ^-^  .
 And the last hat shop is in Canyons Pathway...

 Yes! That's right! Top hats have made a come back!
 Here is the birthstone display....
 And here is the Garnet birthstone. Here it is in my den:

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