Saturday, January 12, 2013


...Arcticwomen for scamming!

She scammed my friend ninja23714. (And ignore Arcticwomen if possible!!). She said "come to my den to get a free arctic wolf code". So I went, but I knew it was a scam. Then she said "Send me an item". So I sent her a plushie. And my friend ninja sent her a princess necklace. Then she said the "code" which was fake. Then I left, and I didn't catch the rest. I think she scammed one of ninja23714's rare items. But I wasn't there for the item part, so I don't know for sure. After that, I came back around 10 minutes later. And the only thing I saw was ninja with the crying emote, and arcticwomen no where to be seen. So yeah.....Please report arcticwomen for scamming. And please (if possible) ignore her, too. She was being rude.

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