Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arctic Wolves spotted everywhere!

Hey Jammers! Mia here, today with some more info on the Arctic wolf! And yesterdays RM. 
 Here is yesterdays RM! The Rare Headdress. Has anyone else noticed that AJHQ is doing kinda a Native american RM thing? Last mondays RM was the rare head feather. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I'm so busy after going back to a traditional public school! I used to go to a AWESOME private school ;). Anyway...
So, now we know that LiitleMighty is not a moderator. She is a average player. She got.....
This memebrship card! I'm planning on buying one as soon as my membership card runs out :P. But I don't know if my Mom will still pay it after I use the gift card :/. Anyway, here are some arctic wolf spottings of mine! I have seen way more than these, but I either just didn't get pictures, or I just didn't take one.
The first one is at the Wolves Only Party. Who knew that the Arctic Wolf could go to the Wolves only party? Although it does make sense.
This is actually my friend (Tigertaco2011. Click here to get to her blog).
Another friend...
And yesterday I was in the hot cocoa hut, where the RM was being sold, and there was like... A Purple Headdress-Arctic wolf party! XD


  1. Thx 4 postin bout me and meh blog ^_^ -tigtac

  2. Want to be author on mai blog again? All I need is your emaill~ X3

  3. You should buy a polar bear gift card. Nice blog and nice animals. But how is your seal's name Rosey and not Rosy?


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