Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update 10/25/12! (201th post! :D)

Hey Jammers! Mia here, and today we have the all-new update! :D :
 First off, Two new loading screens!

 Sorry the newspaper pages are super small! My computer glitched up :P. Anyways, here's the first page.
 Second page. Obviously Advertisment .-. :P.
 It looks like Day-of the-Phantoms is coming to an end pretty soon :C. And it looks like the puzzle is a sea-turtle! For non-members. Too bad it cant go on land :P. I really don't know how Snowyclaw put the puzzle together!
 A new dolphin racing game. I think it's just like Jamaa Derby only Underwater. :). YAY! New videos! I love AJ's videos :). I love Dr. Tierney Thy's Aquarium! :D
 WOOOOO!!! YAAAY!!! Shamans have come back!!! With a strange new look... :/
And AJHQ posted on the daily explorer. I think this is kind-of like their old thing. Or what Snowyclaw used to do. Shaman spotlight (I think it was Shaman Spotlight! X3)

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