Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Insert random title here!]

Hey Jammers, Mia here. And today I have nothing about AJ. I just really need a randomness blog to post this on! :P. Anyway, I guess this is why I haven't been posting...

 I WENT TO THE CLEOPATRA EXHIBIT TODAY!!!! :D. I saw these epic statues that were carved 2,000 years ago! They were right outside the temple in Egypt where Cleopatra was crowned queen of Egypt! THAT'S SO EPIC IF YOUR ME! :DDDD. Sowwy :3. Overreacting! >:D
And in the gift shop of the Science Center I got this adorable Sealy plushie! O3O. Harp seal to be exact. Please don't say I'm spoiled. :). I'm just really excited about going :). It was a long way there ^_^. But it was all worth it! :D

The very excited:


  1. I love museums! and I don't think you're spoiled, if your parents bought you a real harp soil, then I might think so! XD

    1. XDDDD. Now I realized that you meant to say Harp seal! I thought you meant real soil! XDDDD

    2. OOPSIE !!!! lol! yes, I meant real seal!!


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