Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Okay....Hey Jammers! Mia here, with alot of things....First we'll start off with the new item!
 Ghosts! Uhm....Just ignore the font in the picture.....I couldn't hold it in..XDD. Anyways, I kind-of liked them to stay rare...But I knew they were going to come back :P
 Next up.....I don't know really took this shot....A.K.A Chrome shot..XD.
 And.....Bats are back in the Haunted forest Party! Yay! :D. I hope Reindeer come back for the Jamaalidays!
And my friend ScarTheLion has a very rare shade of worn apparently.....SO AWESHUM! XD. Thats all for now Jammers!


  1. cool!i didnt get a chance to get a bat last year =(.but now i can!=D.cool!i really need to get on aj and decorate for night-of-the-phantoms!i love the fountain in jamaa township,i always used to hang around there when i was new to aj.=).good memories...=D.LOL!"ghosties!YAY!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL!awesome colour of worn!=D

    -kara =)

  2. Indeed, I got that worn from Sky High! XD

    1. O.o EPICAWESOMENESS¡$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!¡$!!!!!!!!¡$?)¿)!!'nnnnj Whoa! I never knew I could do that o.o


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