Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! :D

Hey Jammers! Happy Halloween! :D
 Today (In my country) is Halloween! So, for those of you who celebrate Halloween, Happy Halloween :D! Anyways, so here is today's new item! The Giant Phantom! You can buy it in Jam-mart furniture. I remember last year, having about 5 of these, but then I recycled them :P. But that was because I didn't need them....Why am I talking about this? XD
 I also noticed that there is a key around Graham the Monkey Shaman (I'll call them Shamans forever .-.)'s tail! I circled where I saw it....And where it is in the picture! Anyway, It just occured to me that the key could be the key to the door by the swamp in the Temple of Zios! If so, I really hope Graham will unlock it! (Someday...X3)
 Also, when I was sending my friend Ravenpaw a Jam-a-gram this morning, I noticed that AJHQ had corrected me with a non-real word. It appears to be, 'halloweenoween'. What ever does that mean? O.O
 And, Happy Halloween Jammers! (Once again! :D)
New Chapter on The life of a Gymnast soon! :D

P.S. Don't forget about the 4000 views party! Click here for all the information! :)

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