Monday, October 1, 2012

Mini Update

Hey Jammers! Halloween is right around the corner :D! :
Credit to AJB (Animal jam brook) for the picture's of the Mini Update! :D
 There is a mini update today in Honor of Day of the Phantoms! The monthly gift is a pet Tarantula. Lucky for me...I'M DEADLY SCARED OF SPIDERS! But, luckily, animated spiders don't scare me, except if their realistic D:. But it's AJ, I don't think I'll be scared of AJ anytime soon...X3.
 And, Again, a page about the new den...
 Yay! more Day-of-the-Phantoms surprises :D! I love Halloween :D!
 Credit to AJS (Animal Jam Spirit for the new item pictures)
Here are todays Many new items. First off, the Jack-O-Lantern. The *Scary-Jack-O'-Lantern. X3
 The bat mask....
And todays RM! I like it :3. It will go with my costume on AJ :D! I SHALL NOT TELL INTIL IT GETS CLOSER >:D! :D. Oh, and for the Monthly gift, I shall post tomorrow :)

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