Friday, December 21, 2012

5000 Views!!!!! :D

...But, before we get to the 5000 views part, here is today's Jamaaliday gift:
 Come on AJHQ! I was already hungry! Well, I love this item--besides the fact that I'm super hungry right now :\. Anyways, onto the 5000 views!
  WE GOT 5000 VIEWS ON AJIK TODAY!!!!! I came onto AJIK this morning, and it was at 4999, then I reloaded the page to it would be at 5000! So, it's technically not at 5000 yet....More at 4999....xD. Also, there are a couple of new settings on the settings bar:
Cool, right? Well, today when I was watching the new video in Tierney's Aquarium, I noticed something....Monterey Bay Aquarium is in the state where I live! But.....It's not in the part of California that I live in....So it could be a long drive. :)

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