Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years 2013 party!

Hey Jammers! Today I discovered a new party! It's called the New Years party 2013! It takes place in the Ice Castle den!
 Here is what it looks like when you walk in...
 Here is the inside...
 Here is what is sold at the Clothing shop (I'm hoping the new items for the next couple of days will be at this party!!)...
 Here is what's sold at the music shop.
 Here is the pond/sideyard sort-of thing...
 When you go up the stairs (pictured above) there is a shop, and here is what they sell in it. Sorry, my screenshot of the upper level must have got lost. :\
 There is a icy thing that is in a normal Ice Castle den...
 Me walking across the bridge...
 ...To the slide!
 And now for the click-things. If you click this snow man...
 you'll get an adorable mini one next to you!
 If you click this cake ice block...
 You'll get a piece of cake next to you!


  1. that looks really awesome!!!i have to get on aj!!! =D

    -kara =)

    1. It is super awesome! There's also a glitch that I'll post soon! :)

    2. there us??? awesome!!!!!! arent you excited for saige????

    3. YESSSS!!!!!!!! OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT MCKENNA IS BETTER!!!!!!!! :D

  2. (\ /) <--- Bunny! :D
    ( )
    ( )
    (___)o <--- Bunny tail! :D
    / \

  3. Hey Mia I'm a gymnast too lol I was in state championships lol


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