Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1 of Jamaaliday Gifts!

Hey Jammers! Today we have a TON of gifts!
 First, today is the first day of the Jamaaliday gifts! :D
 If you click on any one, you will get a Patch Of Lolipops! Sorry the picture didn't show up! My computer was lagging. :\
 And today's Monthly Gift!
 And.....the Gingerbread House Den! Now I have two....But that's okay! My den is now decorated for the Jamaalidays! You can stop by if you'd like, it's unlocked. :)
 And a Jamaaliday gift for members (Sorry non-members D:)!
 The Gingerbread Treehouse! I thought it would be a tiny model.....But it's not! XD. It's really cool! :D. I was just thinking, I wish you could trade pets and dens! I would trade someone for a hummingbird :). I also want to just say, sorry about no profile picture. Picasa Web Album is getting VERY annoyed with me, so I have to pay two dollars a month to keep putting pictures on my blogs. And I don't have two dollars every single month to spare. :P. Because I'm a kid and I don't exactly get two dollars every single day.... :P

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