Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11-21-12 Update!

 Hey Jammers! Mia here, and today is the Update! I also want to say, I'm sorry for not covering the whole update in this post, Blogger is saying that I have filled my free amount of photo space on Blogger, so After this, I might only be able to post on my story blogs for a little while. Anyways, so the update's main focus is Save the big cats! I happen to love all types of cats, so I will be donating LOTS of gems. ;).
 The Conversation Museum has finally finished construction! It's a Big Cat donation center (Pretty much, you can also learn lots about them, too). Also, I was on Snowyclaw's blog, and snowy mentioned that AJHQ put a Leopard on the "Save the Big Cats" Bracelets (See below) Click here to see the picture. The Leopard in in the last picture of the item. :)
 Onto the Bracelet news! If you buy the bracelets, 40% goes to save the Big Cats! Awesome, right? I know I'll be buying like a million of them XD.
 Splash n' Dash is now for everyone! It's to bad Non-members cant be Dolphins though! And the second half of the page is just about the November monthly gift. :)
 The first half of the page is about the Feast of Thanks! Which is tomorrow! And the winner of Peck's Art Contest has been announced! I haven't been over to Jammer Central in a while, so I'll have to go there and see who won! I'll edit this post when I find out.
And also, Graham is the Shaman Spotlight for the next two weeks!

                 Blogger wont let me upload my sign-off Banner! :(

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