Friday, November 2, 2012

Epic Seasonal Tree

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the.......
 *Drum roll*..... Epic Seasonal Tree! It only comes in one color/pattern, Fall Leaves. You can buy yours in Epic Wonders today! I really like this new item! An 'epic' take on the Seasonal Tree XD.
While I was in Epic wonders, Changing my animal's looks back to normal, I noticed a glitch. I had designed my seal as pink hibiscus flowers, but on the portrait (I don't really know whats it's called :P) it shows me with blue hibiscus flowers. Weird, huh? I also forgot all of the Clearance items yesterday! :

 These are all of the Clearance items.
 And, there are a couple of dens on Clearance. The Haunted Mansion, and.....
The Ol' Barn. I have alot of good memories in the Ol' Barn den. I recycled mine, But I think I'm going to buy another one because of the clearance. :(

Don't forget about the 4000 views party! Click here for all the information! :)

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  1. cool! I think the seasonal tree changes every season, at least thats what ive heard. btw im djkittykat5 on animal jam :D


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