Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dessert Table

 Hey Jammers! Today we have an-all new item! *Drum roll*...............The Dessert table! You can buy yours today in Epic Wonders!
 I also have a little question...Actually two questions....So, one; Why do you think these gold bars are on the floors on Epic Wonders? Answer in the comments if you'd like! :)
 And if you look closely, you'll see the symbol on it. It doesn't look like 'AJ' to me. But I don't know :\. Anyways, onto the other part. So, I just have another question......Does anyone actually read this blog? :P. Comment if you've read up to here. :I

~Mia776, I haven't made my new sign-off banner yet :P.


  1. who ate all the reese cups off the dessert table!!!!! >:(

    1. Maybe it was my Mom, she loves reeses....o.o I'll go ask her.

    2. Her answer was......*Drum roll* "...What? No, I didn't" XD

    3. hmmmmm, I'm not convinced! I bet your mom is a clever one....I'm gonna have to put her under surveillance!


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