Friday, November 23, 2012

New Animal: Puma!

There are Rumors going around in Jamaa that there is a new animal....The Puma! Some Jammers think it comes with the new Animal Jam Bracelets:
And some Jammers think the Puma will come with a future AJ Gift Card. I think (Or hope :P) that the Puma comes with the AJ Bracelets. :). Well, I think that Blogger has cleared up all the glitches and picture storage issues that I (hopefully) Can post again! Tomorrow, I will fill in ALL of the new items that I have missed! Maybe not all of them.....But most of them. :). And I have a question......Does anyone read this blog? Please Comment on this post if you do. :)


  1. I read it and im getting the bracelets probably i will tell you if it comes with the puma

  2. i am sooooo getting those braclets!!!! oh and also i do read your blog. i read lots... you know, i kind of search around. thanks anyway! :{D <----lol mustache

  3. I do read this blog, but due to me being very busy...I can't find the time to comment ;U;

    1. Okay! I just wanted to know if I was making posts for any reason. ;D. And about the commenting, it's fine! I am the same - exact - way. :D


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