Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dolphin Dash

 Hey Jammers! Today's new item is....*drum roll*.........the Dolphin-Dash arcade game! Buy yours today at the Sol Arcade! Speaking of the Sol Arcade, the other day when I was on my back-up account, I noticed a couple of odd things.....
First, I have the glitch that always happens when you change your animal's colors, they stay the 'default' colors. :P
 And now, nothing to do with the Sol Arcade! I spotted a blue worn! I forgot their user...sorry... :\. And I don't even know if a Blue Worn is a rare type of worn of not! :P
And also, my main animal has been a fox awhile. I've been thinking of changing it....So I did that today! I changed it to a Giraffe. Something probably nobody has ever had for a main animal before! Besides when they came out.....XD.
Like my new banner? :D

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