Sunday, August 5, 2012

Late post (Again :p)

Hey Jammers! Sorry about the late post Again :P....Anyways, Here we have our new item :D!......The Crystal chair! It's sold in Epic Wonders. I personaly thikn its okay...It could have been a little more naturey....But Thats okay.....!!!! I might be buying it soon! (Or as soon as I get gems :P)

P.S Check out my new Story blog, The Life of Cats!


  1. almost 3000 views coool !! n everything is so expensive on aj :P

  2. you know i know a way to take pics on you computer fast and cut them and draw on them no down loading needs ok its a little complicated tho

    ok first you are wer u want on aj and posing or taking a pic of new thing next to f12 on the key board there is a prt scr sysrq some computers dont have it anyway clik tht and open up paint under start acceceries and go to edit click paste than clik paint than click the dotted box and you cute out stuff once you cuted out everything you need out linje your pick exactly with the box so you dont get any white parts and than right click and say copy to save it and when you making a post click on the little picture up load thing and click it and choose file and choose it helped me alot :D

  3. Cool! I use half of that, But I never found A way to crop them with paint...But I'll try again :D! Yay!! You got a blogger account :D!!


  4. O SWEET IM 2,50o person :D and btw at the top of your tab ir has a paw print how do you switch that is it a gadget??

  5. Oh, It's called a favicon. If you go on edit, There is a little thing at the top of you editing screen that says "Favicon (edit)" And click edit, And find a teensy tiny picture about that pig for a favicon. Or you can just use paint (If you have that on your computer).

  6. i like looking at the slideshow on the side------> it has cute cats and some puppies with cats than theres my favorite a fat cat laying on the ground :D


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