Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remember this.....

 ...Remember when there was no dating in Jamaa, Remember when there was no clans in Jamaa...Remember....Well...Anyways, Here is what used to pop up every time you logged into AJ. It was Jammer Spotlight....I remember how I always wanted to be on there...(XD)
 See? Remember the guides? A long time ago there used to be Guide Thursdays!
Look! It says "Jamaa for Peace" !!!!!!!! It's soooo awesome! Maybe AJHQ does want to make a difference!!!!! More beta pictures coming soon! (Like possibly later).

P.S Do you like the new header? Reply down there :)!


  1. I remember those good old days. Once I even met one of the jammers in Jammer Spotlight! :D

  2. this post shatters my heart and puts it back together i love this post and ya those were the best days of jamaa maybe aj's altho i've tryed clans its always about fighting :( never again well we havent lost hope , im really hoping they have other golden pop ups like that animaljam could come back to "good old animaljam"

  3. @Snowdog900
    Awesomeness 8D. Yeah, Me too.

    I agree, But today with the update, The Shamans were in the Jamaa Journal :D!

  4. Yeah i wanna meet sr gilbert the most for some reason :D

    1. I want to meet.....Hmm.....Well, I wanna meet Amelia (sorry If I spelled that wrong XD), But if I have to meet A Origanl Shaman, I would meet Liza, Wait...If I could meet Peck again, Then I would meet Peck.


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