Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Sign-off banner! + 151th post!

 To Lillyfh: Sorry! My comment box thing on here isnt working :P. How you insert the banner is the same as uploading a picture. But if you want to know where to make a banner......Click Here!      **EDIT** Hi! Sorry I cut into the top of the post, I just wanted to tell you some great news! AJIK is back in the Epicness! :D. I will try my hardest !!!!Hey Jammers, Mia here, With my new Sign-off banner! Sunce I got a neew picture, I had to re-design it! And I kinda like making new banners...o3o. Anyway, Here it is! :

Like it :3? And here are this weeks new items! I will try to post more often on here DX. It's just that I'm soooooooo Busy! Anyway here they are... :

 Sorry about the blurryness! I don't know what the Photo cropper/Editer does to them :0. Anyway, From left to right :  Mine shaft door, Fox tail chair, And Wooden toy box.
And this item is the Tree trunk sink. There was also the Cross bow, And yesterdays item, Monocles. The Crossbow is a litter (very) Violent...And the Monocles are an Underwater item. I just was only on for like 10 seconds, And only had time to quickly run to my den and quickly take a screen shot. And then I cropped it later. Well, Thats all for now Jammers!


  1. How do you insert banners at the end of every post like automatically..? -lillyfh

  2. Hi i got by anonymous because i did not have a account of any one of those :) well bye -samantha


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