Saturday, August 4, 2012

New item! and more.... (Again :P)

 Hey Jammers! Sorry for posting sorta late...Anyway, Here we have the new item! It's Falling Phantoms (I belive that it's called that, I havent played it for a while, Sorry :P.) Arcade machine! I'm going to be getting it :D!
Here is a random floating hot cocoa that I found when I was in my underwater den. That was the extra thing...So...Yeah......Thats about all for today Jammers! :D


  1. cocoa in my den has never happened before ?? still epicly awesome ever get one of those paw buttons or leaf and you click on them like some are put there purposely in jamma and some wander around dens one time i was in saperea <-- spelt wrond :I anyway forest and i got invisible but i could see my self and it was fun cause we were mailing eachother were i was and stuff but then everyone else couldnt see me so i decided to refresh the page and i was no longer invisible has that ever happened to you before??? like she couldnt even see my name tag like some times i see shadows with nametags running around jamma with no owner but they had a owner glitch :D -lillyfh

  2. No it hasant, But it sounds awesome :D!!! Have you ever gotten the beta mail box? I do like all the time :). Infact, Im gonna do a post about it right now :D!


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