Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey Jammers, Mia here, With the weirdest thing ever! Look at this weird glitch! I think It happens when you like...Quit AJ and haven't been on in over a year. Just a guess! Reply in a comment down below if you know what it is! Also, I'm going to be taking a posting break :'C. For like....Hmmm....Mhm.....Hmmm.....Got it! 4 days :P. BUT if I get really bored I will come back tomorrow XD.


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  1. :D see ya in posting in four days btw i think it
    has to do with beta maybe?? or possibly you right cause i think i had a acc. a year ago and tryed to log in didnt work so i looked my name up gray tiger and i know another glitch if you go to a member and look at all there land animals click on them than you will get a gray tiger in the back of a animal..

  2. Makes cents :3. And see you in 4 days, Posting :)! And I'll probable get VERY bored. So, I'll probable see you tomorrow posting. I will only probable be bored because I have the whloe rest of august off :P. Yay and aww X3.


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