Monday, August 13, 2012

Re-Designed :)

Hey Jammers! Mia here, ( A tiny bit before I take a break) just here to tell you about this!

So as you can see, I have changed the look of this blog! And (ONLY MAYBE) am thinking about Maybe changing the title. Maybe to Animal Jam Derp? X3. But I don't know for sure! What do  you think I should do? Comment down below! :D **EDIT** I cant change the page because of something! And I don't want too. I meant to edit this post a couple days ago saying I didin't want to.

P.S I was also thinking about :

That template :3. I think thats the best smiley I've ever computer drawn XD.


  1. cute animaljam derp sounds derptastic! are you aloud to change the blog name maybe you could do that too and yes EPIC smiley face :D

  2. XD. And thank you >:D. And I think i'm going to change it....And I'm glad that you know :).

  3. Well, usually popular AJ blogs don't have 'silly' names. So I wouldn't just change it to Animal Jam Derp because, usually, you learn that you need to be kinda serious when you've been for a while in blogging (I know that since have you seen how serious Snowyclaw + Fuzzy shyivy are?). So I'm not sure that name would stick. Pick a theme of your blog, not a random one - a solid one that kinda represents you, but not a 'funny' one. Maybe Animal Jam Aqua, since you like aqua, and the background is Aqua-ish?

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  4. ya lol they are serious but i think snowy claw is a little seriouser like always captilizing i and stuff


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