Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pet party

Woosh! Sorry about the blurryess. Sorry, I don't usally start with "Woosh!" XDD. Anyway, Thats where I am right now! A.K.A I'm bored :P. Thats actually a picture from a long time ago.....I just put it on todays post...But, I'm still at the Pet's only party >:3.


  1. lol i sat at a trading party for six hours alonhe one time so when my sister got back home she could see the new party iw us soo bored

  2. Whoa X3! Once I sat at the bunnys only party for the same time (Or possinly 8 hours .-.), But, I had friends there...So for you it was probable WAYY more boring .-. . I cant imagine O.O .

  3. lol i liked it quiet i just kept playing the claw game thing it twas fun wow 8 hours is a long ti me even with friends 0.o


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