Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth Of  July!!!

And now it's time for.....
                                    the Freedom Party Tour! What a great day for it..... :P
 Heres what it looks like when you walk in.Yeah,This party is very small,But Very cool XP.
 If you walk to the Right,You can buy Hats:
 Freedom Lion hat (New,I took these pictures yesterday...So thats why its not there.),Freedom Monkay Hat,Freedom Bunnie (Bunny) Hat,Freedom cat hat (:3),Freedom Chicken hat....And a Freedom Koala hat!

 Giraffe firework, Wolf firework (Also new,),Bunnie (Bunny) Firework,Star firework,Globe Firework,And a paw firework.Now sunce were in the Spirit of Fireworks....Look at some awesome Pictures of them from the Freedom Party! :
 Picture 1......
 Picture 2.....
Picture 3...!


  1. happy fourth of july mia!i havent been there yet....i only knew about the update because of your blog.....LOL

    -kara,happy fourth of july!

  2. Happy fourth of july to you too! Yeah...I know your suspended for a WHLOE MONTH D:.Ohhh...AJIK (Animal Jam Is kool) Is gonna go threw some GIANT changes this weekend i think....Or tomorrow XDDD

  3. cool!ill sure to be looking here every 10 miniutes LOL.=D i love your blog.if i had a blog....GIVE ME COACHING LESSONS ON HOW TO RUN IT!!!! LOOOOL! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LOL.sooo funny to me.....

    -kara...who is purley normal today...=I


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