Monday, July 2, 2012

Please....All we need is Peace Guys!...........

 All I want in Jamaa is peace!  I know peace can be hard to find....And even understand.....But.....If we all work together.....Then we can make Jamaa a better place! Snowyclaw's Jamaasian Movement helps peace also.All jamaa was ment for was Friendship,playing,a SAFE site for kids to play on. Unfortunately, Some people have transformed Jamaa into a terrible place! It's out job to change it back!Look at that happy picture of Beta down there!:

Look at this happy Beta picture! It actully has Mira, The mother of Jamaa! But now-days,Nobody knows that! Not even new Jammers! People don't even call people Jammers! New jammers don't even know about the old Jamaa!,How peaceful it was,How non violent it was ,People have to realize! They have to realize what there doing!
Here is a peace sign! Guys! We have to make this work! I know this sounds like a copy of the Jamaasian Movement but it's not! But,Snowyclaw is definitly Right! C'mon,All you have to do is become a suporter of the Jamaasian Movment! So do it! If you want to make a difference in Jamaa do the following:
  1. Be a supporter of the Jamaasian Movement,
  2. If you have a blog,Or something like that,Post a post like this,
  3. Dance/do any movement, In jamaa township and yell "Save Jamaa! Don't join clans! Don't do the bad things! We need peace!"
  4. Give the new Jammers a guide around Jamaa,Such as introducing every room to them.Also you can tell them the Story of jamaa! (I don't know where to find that,Just search Snowyclaw's blog)
  5. Raise awarness!
Help Save Jamaa!


  1. mia is right!agreed?

    -kara,who who chose the answer A instead =3

  2. SO now your suspended (By your mom) for a whloe MONTH?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh wow....Im gonna be bored >.< . ('v') Like meh humming-bird? o3o


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