Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yesterdays Item! (Sorry I was Busy Yesterday! I coudent post :( )

Here is the new item! Sorry I coudent post yesterday! But I met famous ppl instead....O3O, You can ask me who too...... Its from the movie Mckenna shoots for the stars....... P-L-E-A-S-E don't say im weird because I like it :3. But weird is a half good thing .3. XD. But thats mah favorite Movie :3. And Mckenna is alot like me 83. I should be quiet now and talk about the new item...... 0-0. The new item is simply the 'Clam' XD. It's sold in Sunken Treasures, And I don't think you can change the color :/.


  1. oh cool! well good reason for not posting who'd you meet did you meet mckenna :P :D -lillyfh

  2. I met Mckenna,Josie (Her tutor), Her friend Toulane, And Her other friend Sierra :D

  3. woah nice :D -lillyfh


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