Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update! (Early 0.0)

 Yay! Early Update! To start off,Theres a new den! I will be buying it in the next couple of days....o3o.Maybe I will have enough gems on thursday... :D.This is page 1
 Cool outfit! I must say....I want this outfit o3o...But i want it on a difrent animal...:3
 Cool! A new game! I havent played yet.... :P.And now there is a new Map Design! (So so so so sorry I didin't get a picture :/ )
 This is the same page as last update! Honestly AJHQ...... :I
 Foxes are coming to Jamaa! AJHQ is still deciding whitch pet 0.0 .
Monthly gifts....And theres a new Freedom party. I might do a post on that......


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