Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is what I call Derpy......

Look at how Derpy this is XD! It's a perfect balance XDD. Yush this is results of me being bored, With my paint thing on my computer XD. There is a new item, But I am having bad luck with ALL the new items this week :P. I mean, Today the Epid wonders orb woudent even loud (Even when I tryed refreshing my page), Then I tryed LoveLost's Blog, And it wasan't updated with the new item yet. Then I tryed snowyclaw's Blog, And it didin't let me click to picture :P. So I had a stream of bad luck with the items this week :P. Thats all for today Derps!!! Oops, I mean't Jammers XD!  

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