Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Den: Fox discovery Center! o3o

 Hey Jammers! Mia here, Just giving you another post for today... It's about my den! I transformed my den Into a Fox discovery Center! (I will edit this photo and write stuff, And edit this post with all the stuff). Also, I wont be posting for a few days. So, Check back on Thursday :)!

 Here is the entering banner! o3o (Edited by paint o3o)
A random little picture......

P.S Check out my new story blog! Click here, to see my cat story blog :D!


  1. tht'd b kewl if there was a banner for every animnal tht said foxes ,pandas ,girafes,ect discovery center :D or it b cool if you could type what you want on a banner and hang it i your house for like yard sales fashion contests and clans and i really like that center imma have to check it out :D -lillyfh


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