Thursday, July 19, 2012


 Hi Jammers! Today is the Update! And here is what it is......Okay so Foxes are out.....
 Turtle pets are Announced! Alot of people in Jamaa asked for turtle pets :3. And theres also a new painting thing in the Art Studio! Sorry I didin't snap a picture :L.
 A new den shop at Coral Canyons. They just re-made the old Shop that was there :I. And there is a new button at the top of your screen, You can click it to find out,
  • If your a member or a non member (XD Thats Kinda easy XD)
  • If you are a member, How many days are remaining intil it expires
  • If your den is unlocked or locked, You can also Lock/Unlock your den from there.
  • If the sound is off or on,
  • And Overheard in Jamaa :)
  Here is a VERY  important peice of info, It says. "If we can hit our goal of 100 MILLON GEMS, we will celebrate by REINTRODUCING MONKEYS TO JAMAA!!!!" Omg isnt that awesome .O. .
 Same page as last time :/.....
 And here is the last page, They have already released those new items :P. Bye for now!

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