Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Know This Is NOT AJ But I Just Wanted To Show You This...XD

Okay.....Yush I know its American Girl but I like AG...... :3. Anyway.....Look! ;D. Okay.....That wasant AJ related.....If you click the link.....GO TO MCKENNA ;DDDDDDDD. Sorry shes kinda like me....I SHOULD BE QUIET NOW XDD. Wait hold it uppp.....Heres the link to Mckenna ;D. (Shes like me O.O, AKA almost my twin 0.0)
omg sooo sorry thats Such a long link XD. Just because it says "store.americangirl" dosent mean you have to shop :P. Inless you want to :3 XD.


  1. mia, can you make me a paint for my blog? then post it, quick please =I

    -kara who is WAY to lazy (At the moment) to log into her blogger account LOL


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