Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby palm tree

Hey Jammers! Mia here, With yet another long post X3 :
 Heres todays new/old item! The Baby Palm Tree! I like it, But I don't like that it came out because I had it when it was Rare :P.
 Just a quick question...Has anyone forgot about the Juice hut? It's (To me) kind-of like a peice of Jamaa's history. I don't know why. It just has always been there :).
 And last but not least, A possible new feature! See the red square? See insidce of the red square? [Yes] XD. Well, That might be a possible new feature. In some future update :D. Or (This is what I kinda think,) I ish think that it's a special AJHQ feature, Maybe? I don't really know :P. Well, Thats all for now Jammers!

P.S I still have the Question about the story blog, so in that case, I'll repeat it :P. Do you think I should make another story blog? If I did, It would be about a Gymnast (A human Gymnast XDDD, not a cat wearing a leotard doing Gymnastics XD.). I'm just curious because I got instiration when I was at Gymnastics last week, and how I wanted to make the Olympic team of 2020, And I was thinking about having a story blog about a girl who wants to be in the Rio 2016 Olympics. I just want to know what you think :D. I think I'll do it anyways, But if you really don't want me to do it, I wont. :)


  1. should i make a fall theme thing for animal jam pink?

  2. Hmm, If you'd like! And you can use the leftover scree-shots that I didin't use for AJIK! Here, I'll go test them out right now...


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