Friday, September 21, 2012

Zios Mask

Hey Jammers! Mia here, With todays new item! :
 Here it is! The Zios mask. It's sold in Epic Wonders for 3,000 Gems, (I'm fresh out of gems .-.). Do you like the new back-round and Header ;D? I do. But I also liked my other back-round. Reply in the comments! (My computer recently disabled me to put a poll on my blog :P). Does anyone else see that Zios may (or may not) have a King Tut beard? Well, Thats what I see. Sorry, I actually started making this post  at like 7:30 and now it's 8:30 :P. Because I looked up how to spell King Tut's full name, And I saw a picture of his mummy and.....Well.....I'm terrified of those mummys :O. Well, Thats all for now Jammers!

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