Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bamboo Fence

Hey Jammers! Sorry for posting a little late, I was going to post at like 7:30, but now it's 8:30 because I had to have breakfast .-. . :
 Heres todays new item, the Bamboo Fence, it should go well with yesterdays new item ; Bamboo.
 And I also got this glitch with blogger (I know it's not AJ related .-. .). I got two comment boxes! Weird right? I miss the Summer Carnival :(. I added that for no reason at all X3.
 Does anyone remember the Call of the Wild? I do! This is not my picture so Credit to the owner. I just found it on google :P. How about you answer the Call of the Wild! Where is your favorite 'new' shop? I don't know if AJHQ still has them up anymore though. I promise that The Life of a Gymnast Chapter 4 will be posted today :D

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  1. i remember those polls! mines mount shiveer ;) - lillyfh


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