Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Phantom Throne

Hey Jammers! Mia here, With the new item for today! :
 Here it is, The Phantom throne.....I have nothing much to say about it.....It's kinda cool, though. I might just have to buy it for my haunted house! I want it to be later so bad :D. But, You know Katya, Shes getting put down today :"C. Maybe, I hope not.....But she has a tumor.....And it's bleeding all over the place :"C. And shes 18...Thats pretty old for a Cat DX. Thats all for now Jammers! :'C :D :C ;D :C :D :C :D :C :D I don't know witch one to end with :o.


  1. That's sad :'( I hope she recovers but I don't know if cats can survive that but that's an old cat it might be time and it might not be my grandpa's cat just turned 21, and it is a cool item!

    1. Wow! Your grandpa's lucky! Katya did get put down, But I wasn't super sad, Because I knew it was the right thing. Because she was in alot of pain. But, That was one of the best days ever :D! (If she hadent died, It would be more likely to be a better day.).

    2. Sounds true, like if you've ever seen the movie we bought a zoo it was sad to put the tiger down but they had to and it was the right thing that reminds me of this :(


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