Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bubble Emitter

Hey Jammers! Mia here, With a New / old (I think) item, And some glitches ;D! :
 Heres the new item, the Bubble emitter! It's sold in Sunken treasures, for 500 gems....Why am I acting so cray-cray? o.O XD, I got that from a awesomely epic show called Gravity falls! ;D. I believe that this item has been out before.......But it was like last year :o.
 On to the first glitch. My friend, Ravenpaw's bat wings were in her miner helmet. It's like a minor glitch. It's a very small glitch, that (I think) happens all the time.
 And the last glitch is, AJHQ is giving me random Buddies! The Buddies circled in the red, Are not my real Buddies! I keep deleting them off, But AJHQ keeps putting them back on! Well, Thats all for now Jammers!

Wow! I'm typing every word in my post wrong! I had to go back....Hmm......About 6 times and fix them! I was tying for example "My frieng, Ravenpawws" DERRRPPPP!!!!

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