Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey Jammers! Mia here, with todays new item + some more (Blurry stuff :P .-.) :
 Heres the new item. Sorry about the blurryness, my editing software doesn't work very well on my Mom's computer :P.
 Again, blurry. The AJHQ note was just telling you that the Jam-a-gram contest was open...
Speaking of the Jam-a-gram contest, this is my entry. It's not very good, but I never in like 1,0000000 years would have imagined drawing a some-what good Giraffe... :)

P.S Sorry I posted so late today! I had to do homework this morning XP. And I'm suposed to be doing it now.... :PPPPP D:.

~ Mia776, Sign-off banner not avalible I'm on my Mom's computer. :P

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