Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly gift and more

Hey Jammers! Mia here, With the (At least half XP) of the Monkeys only party! And the monthly gift. Here it is! :

 (Sorry about the blurryness, Blogger gets glitchy sometimes :P.) So, Here is the Jam-a-gram for the Monthly gift!
 This is what you get when you open it up.....It's just like when you buy a pet, If you were wondering about that. And you have to exept it this time! XD. Well, There so cute! I mean, Who woudent want one?
 Moving on to the Monkeys Only Party! (I only took 3 pictures, You wont understand the "Tour" at all :P.). Anyway, So heres what it looks like when you walk in.......
 Yush o3o, I told you this was a pretty bad "Tour" :P. So, (I cant even explain it XD.). This is the music that they sell in the Music shop......
 Okay, So do you see the banana's? Click those and you'll have Bananas next to your Monkey!And the little place next to it is the store.....I don't have good or very many pictures, do I? D: . I was half asleep when I made it XD. Hmmm....Oh yeah!......Aww now I forgot :P.......Oh! Sorry for the late post. I was going to publish it at like 4 hours ago XD. But then I left the Computer.....And forgot about it! XD. So, Now I came back....!!! Well, Thats about all for nbow Jammers!

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